Ricardo J Arosemena

Ricardo Arosemena , MBA. is an active entrepreneur with 23 years experience in the real estate business. He knows how tostart, manage and grow a business in the US Specialist in negotiating deals for their customers and most importantly, ensure that you are completely satisfied with their services. 
He owns CasaMagna Realty (since 2005) with more than 50 sales agents Founder of Landlord Property Management (2008) is responsible for managing the properties, and the International School of Real Estate . (online since 2013)
Ricardo has bought, sold and supervised more than 250,000,000 in property transactions with your sales team. Ricardo is an expert in residential and commercial properties.
Ricardo was elected president of the Chamber of Ecuadorian-American Commerce for which has served as Director since 2004. His term will be from 2015 to 2021